Welcome to Down South Therapy Services

Down South Therapy Services provides specialised and individualised Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Physiotherapy services for infants, children and adolescents.

We are a family centred mobile practice with a team of qualified and highly experienced Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Physiotherapists servicing the South Metropolitan of Perth and the greater Peel Region.

In being mobile, we work with your family/child/individual in the contexts in which individuals need to perform, making the intervention and strategies we provide more functional, effective and successful. Therapists at Down South Therapy Services are highly experienced in providing individuals, families and schools with intervention services based on their goals, including but not limited to the areas of:

    • Expressive language – vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, the words your child is saying
    • Receptive language – comprehension, following instructions
    • Sensory regulation
    • Fine motor skills
    • Gross motor skills
    • Articulation - pronunciation of sounds and lisps
    • Literacy/phonological awareness – letter knowledge, syllabification, rhyme, spelling and reading, all of the skills that your child needs to succeed in literacy
    • Upper limb rehabilitation (including post botox rehabilitation)
    • Mealtimes/feeding
    • Sleep
    • Attention
    • Social skills
    • Play skills
    • Toileting
    • School and work performance
    • Stuttering
    • Oral motor movements (eating, drinking, swallowing)
    • Environmental modification
    • Community performance
    • Independence
    • Equipment sourcing and provision
    • Emotional regulation (i.e. anxieties, avoidance, frustrations)
    • Home and community modification
    • Lower limb rehabilitation (including post botox rehabilitation)
    • Sport performance
    • Coordination
    • Gait

We aim to assist all individuals to reach their fullest potentials and to achieve valued and meaningful goals in a fun, functional, individualised and innovative manner.

We can design an intervention plan based on your goals, in knowing your child and the contexts that they are needing to perform in, developing a strong rapport and relationships in working together to achieve your goals in the most effective, fun and innovative manner.

Accessibility and Rebates

We provide a highly accessible service to individuals in being both mobile and with the rebates that families can receive to access services. Down South Therapy Services therapists are registered to provide rebates through all Private Health Funds. Individuals are also able to access services through Down South Therapy Services through government funding - NDIS/NDIA MyWay, Department of Social Services Helping Children with Autism Package, Better Start Package, PITS (Post Intervention Therapy Support through PMH), Insurance Commission of WA funding and Public Trustee funding. If you don't have private health or if your rebates through private health are limited, we also provide services through Medicare care plans in which 50-85% of service costs can be reimbursed.

Areas we service

We provide mobile individual and group therapy services in the South Metropolitan of Perth and the Peel region and Eastern Corridor of WA. Shires include, Cockburn, Rockingham, Kwinana, Mandurah to Australind and east from Byford to Pinjarra, ensuring that our services are highly accessible to families and individuals living in these areas of Western Australia.

School and Community based Services

Down South Therapy Services also provides specialised school and community based services to assist in the growth of schools, individuals and professionals within the community.

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